Simon Minó, the singer of Swedish post-punk band RA, has released his début single “Les Nymphéas”, and his accompanying self-directed video for the song.

In this début single, clearly inspired by the series of paintings by Impressionist Claude Monet, a slow pulsing beat is overlaid with various atmospheric tones and bells, and world music infused synths, overlaid with an echoing and sonorous vocal baritone that perfectly capture the mood of the idyllic French Mediterranean island setting of Corsica.

Watch the video below:

Following his migrating to Paris from his Native Malmö in 2018, Minó quickly began working on his own songs in absence of his band.

This solo venture took a more defined shape with the encounter of french synth wave artist/producer Sydney Valette who recorded and mixed Simon’s debut album due for 2020.

Simon Minó will make his live debut on December 8th in Paris at Espace B with Los Angeles based dream-pop act Chasms (Felte records).

Minó’s debut album will be released via Third Coming Records in early 2020.

*Featured photo by Agustin Hernandez.

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