French Post-Punk Heroes Frustration have returned in a copy machine animated onslaught with their video for “When Does A Banknote Start To Burn”, a track featured on their fifth studio album So Cold Streams, which was released last month via Born Bad Records.

In the 1 minute and 37 seconds video for “When Does A Banknote Start To Burn”, brilliantly and patiently realized through the compiling of 4400 photocopies by film director Robin Lachenal, well known for sending a cassette album by Marc Melia into space.

Despite being nearly as short as a song by the Ramones, the track crams in an abrasive barrage of synths, drums, and bass overlaid with jagged guitars and pugilistic vocals tinged with a tooth-shattering punch.

Watch the video below:

So Cold Streams is an audacious cacophony of industrial noises and sound that only momentarily abates to allude to the best aural allusions honed by forbears like The Smiths or Echo & The Bunnymen.

But Frustration doesn’t xerox the past in vain attempts at nostalgia, going so far to illustrate this point by enlisting Jason Williamson, half of Sleaford Mods a band that was pivotal in Frustration’s new-found youth, for the track “Slave Markets”.

“Sleaford Mods is a band that, musically and humanly, gave us a real boost.” explains Fabrice Gilbert (vocals): “They gave us a real sense of freedom, it allowed me to really say everything I wanted to say in my lyrics, to talk about extremely intimate subjects as well as much more general things, whether it be political or social. ‘So Cold Streams’ is, paradoxically perhaps, our most disillusioned, energetic and free record.”

So Cold Streams was released on October 18th, 2019 through label Born Bad Records.

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