Today marks the release of the third EP by San Francisco’s INHALT, aka the vehicle for producer/songwriter Matia Simovich. Out on Dark Entries Records, the Commerce EP is the third in a trilogy that explores capitalism, identity, and the blurred lines between the two from a global viewpoint.

Clocking in just under 20 minutes, each of the EP’s four tracks are immaculately crafted and produced by Simovich at Different Fur Studios. Stabs of warm synths and analogue drum machines invoke the percussive onslaught of bands like Grauzone and D.A.F., with lyrics sung primarily in German. Each track is ripe for the dancefloor, with fast hard-hitting tempos and powerfully modern production at every turn. The delicate balance between songcraft, technique, and social commentary couldn’t be more perfect as it across the span of Commerce, continuing INHALT’s continued dominance over much of the minimal synth resurgence, as the project continues to favor substance over fetishizing style.

Aside from Simovich’s performance and production, Commerce also features members Philip Winiger (vocals/synth) and Steven Campodonico (various synths/machines). Keven Tecon (Houses of Heaven/Veil Veil Vanish/The Soft Moon) provides additional organic percussion on “Language.” The digital edition of Commerce, available exclusively via Bandcamp, contains instrumental versions of the EP’s four tracks.

We also had the chance to catch up with INHALT on their last European tour, and filmed much of their live set at Urban Spree on June 21st, 2017. Watch Below:

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