Ecuadorian dream pop band Sexores has just released a new video for their latest swirling single “Tropical Nest.” The track hails from their latest record East / West, released on CD and vinyl on Buh Records in March.

The video, directed by Caramelo Acosta & Emilia Bahamonde, is a powerful visual statement that expands on the song’s exploration of sexual abuse of women in Latin America, including the unfortunate victim-shaming that remains a cultural issue across the globe. The video features women from different sectors of Latin society in an effort to “generate awareness of social inequalities” and encourage others to share their stories.

For those unfamiliar with Sexores, “Tropical Nest” is a perfect hybrid of synth-pop’s benchmark production blended with the hazy, ethereal vibes of mid-era Cocteau Twins, a willfully nostalgic sound that helps convey the song’s message, offering a sense of relief to women who choose to speak out, as “silence implies complicity.”

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