RDTK, the collaboration of childhood friends Ricardo Donoso and Thiago Kochenborger aka T.K.—are streaming with us today their first official album Human Resources, out the 29th of June via Denovali Records.

RDTK has it’s roots in a small one-bedroom apartment in Rio de Janeiro where two seventeen year olds experimented with home studio recording ultimately creating a fusion of electronic music and rock, evolving their sound into the cinematic melange of melancholic beats augmented by T.K. vocals and guitar.

On describing the album’s underlying poetic themes, RDTK had this to say:

“When Emily Dickinson was counselled by her literary critic and friend, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, to delay publishing her poems because he judged her pace “spasmodic” and “uncontrolled,” she penned the line that closes out our record. The path of individuation finding one’s own true North and steering for it, often needing to manage without being in sight of land, struggling to trust in something that may not be easy or even possible to articulate, wandering off course and having to find the way back requires a kind of faith in one’s self, in the psyche, in love and human relationships.”

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