Ethereal Estonian chanteuse Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones has revealed her alluringly melancholic yet suspensefully sinister video for “Sad and Alone”, another track featured on her spellbinding debut LP Sublime Malaise, issued through Cold Transmission Music late last year.

Here are some words from Kadri regarding her ominous new video:

“Sad and Alone is inspired by nocturnal encounters, from unresourceful banalities to sinister minds and dangers. In a way, it was written for my younger self and all the girls who walk home alone at night. Filmed in Malta during the last days of February, right when the lack of people on the streets was still just an off-seasonal void; where the inanition of the atmosphere was almost foreboding something unpleasant, to say the least.”

Watch the video for “Sad and Alone” below:

Thematically, the album Sublime Malaise is described as:

“an exploration of a shifting state; an envisioned departure from ill-being, finding a ground, the juxtaposition of vivid abstract sensations and the mundane dullness of existence; the corporeal ailments and the boundless routes of the mind.”

It’s a nocturnal journey of darkness and light, where relapse, intimidating encounters, and self-irony are ever-lurking. Sonically it carries the spirit of darkwave and coldwave, but also incorporates elements from other genres and contemporary sound design.

All tracks on the LP were written by Kadri Sammel, and mastered by Anders Melts in Tallinn,
Estonia, in 2019.

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