Mexican/Georgian collaborative project Isotropia—a duo formed by Angel Kauff of Stockhaussen, and charismatic singer Keren Batok, having returned back to their respective homes following last year’s a successful European tour, have unveiled their latest track and video for “Antidote”, another single culled from the forthcoming Spasms LP, due out later this year.

Since concluding their itinerary in 2019 the pair were planning to return to Europe in May of 2020 and performing more gigs in the promotion of their record, but due to understandable reasons tour was rescheduled and planned for May-June 2021.

On the new song “Antidote”, Keren Batok explains:

“Angel sent me music to the song in March, I remember my emotions when I listened to it for the first time … Sound is rough, massive, and in some parts almost violent, brutal … I mean – it would suit the feeling of being brutally honest with your own self, first of all.

February was a very heavy month personally for me, my close friend was fighting death … She was unconscious for 20 days and on lung ventilation for 25 … each day felt like I was losing ground and sanity.

But March set new standards for all of us, quarantine came in with new rules – I knew I had to write a song to register my emotions and at the same time to reflect and answer the events happening in the outside world. I remember one day me and Maria Karssenberg ( Bragolin ) were talking through the video call, we were discussing political and economical events, I used the phrase ” seems like even wars are collapsing” and then we discussed ambivalent meaning of that sentence – that was the moment when I clearly felt the main mood of my future manifest. I wanted that song to be the cathartic dance on the border between insanity and so-called routine, built upon the rules, regulations, and restrictions, most of them aren’t even needed anymore, we are self-censoring ourselves pretty well, we are social animals trained to be acceptable for the community we are functioning in … It is a soundtrack for the moment which is happening now and it seems to me like we are frozen in time standing on a threshold between two different worlds, I think that’s where we are as a Generation, we are going to look how new society will emerge and I feel like nothing belongs to us anymore, everything belongs to the people of the future, now more than ever. We almost went back to our caves. I don’t want to say much to interpret the song, I believe now as it’s out it doesn’t belong to me anymore, but to the public… What I want to say is that before I never had a purpose to make someone dance, but now I do, I want you to dance in your rooms, letting out the tension you feel in your body, I want you to scream along with me and to repeat verses as mantras, to cry out the despair, fear, and frustration you feel, I even want you to collapse, but just to rebuild yourself … Be angry, bring the change. “

Watch the video for Antidote below:

“Antidote” is a track belonging to the forthcoming new album Spasms, which is scheduled for release later this year.

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