Following up her charming manifesto “Politician of Love”, and sorrowful serenade “Window” Kælan Mikla synth composer and backing vocalist Sólveig Matthildur has doubled down on the heartbreak with “Last Date”.

A true breakup song if there ever was one, “Last Date” evokes something akin that proverbial melancholic feeling Midge Ure once famously crooned in the song “Dancing With Tears in My Eyes”, but with an honest and courageous vulnerability that is Sólveig’s alone, as she explains:

“I wrote Last Date a year ago. It’s the soundtrack of the smile you squeeze through your tears at the discotek. The struggle of choosing between options that will equally hurt. It’s the first track I worked on with Baldur Hjörleifsson. I’m really grateful for him and his work.”

The video features Sólveig, glamorously wearing her trademark red, considering the difficult choice before her.

“The video is recorded and edited by Dean Kemball and Kinnat Sóley. We rented a hotel room in Leipzig at and shot the whole video there. In the video, I am having a date with someone, which will, sadly, be the last one.”

Watch the video below:

Once again you can find “Last Date”, and Sólveig’s previous singles, along with her solo debut Constantly in Love, over at her official Bandcamp page.

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