Brighton-based minimal synth crooner Maurice Business weaves a story of woe in his video for “Minute Fiance”, a song featured on his recently released Songs for the Office EP.

With his bittersweet and melancholic lyrics,  there is a playfulness unlying the bubbly retro-infused synth melodies, that definitely paint a scene and capture a mood.

This is indeed the case with the track “Minute Fiance”, whose story is inspired by the famous American TLC series 90 Day Fiance. The song’s narrative is based on an episode where a man lies about his money to keep his gold-digging partner. She desired a high class, fancy lifestyle, but he couldn’t keep up with her demands. He promised her the life she wanted, but unfortunately, she always wants more.

Exploring the impact of materialism, emotional manipulation, and trappings of an unhealthy relationship, Business muses on enough not ever being enough, and the sad truth that you can give someone the world and have it thrown right back in your face.

The song concludes with its protagonist failing to maintain this unsustainable relationship,  resulting in his being alone again, and while missing his “Minute Fiance”, he is alteast living without the pain.

On the remarkably well made 80s vhs inspired video, Business explains:

“We had a plan for a very different video but due to the coronavirus, we weren’t able to even begin it. This was filmed by my housemate and I just bought a cheap green screen, a great representation of a day out in the sun for Maurice Business.”

Watch the video for “Minute Fiance” below

Maurice Business’s Songs for the Office EP is out now via Burning Rose Records.

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