Salt Lake City’s Sculpture Club made a name for themselves as party-punks, throwing the kinds of glitter-coated, cannon-blasted confetti shows that their hometown had never seen before…and would not soon forget. In doing so, Sculpture Club crafted an “all-in” kind of rock ‘n’ roll that both distinguished them stylistically from other bands in the scene and paved the way for the project to confidently grow and evolve.

With a sound rippling with crashing urgency and recalling the glamour of classic goth, core members Chaz Costello (Choir Boy, Fossil Arms) and Madison Donnelly (Big Baby, Foster Body) has expanded into a four-piece, with Bret Meisenbach (Baby Ghosts) and Halee Jean (Hoofless). With Jean’s cello and the multi-instrumentalist in Meisenbach, a new vision of complexity and delicacy has emerged from Sculpture Club on their new album release, Worth.

Pulsating with open-hearted melodies and a tender hue, Sculpture Club spans darkly wandering experiments and their glittery party past, relaxing into shimmery melancholy. It’s a deserved —if not momentary—resting posture for a band that’s spent nearly a decade playing the hell out of every stage they’ve chanced to visit.

“I didn’t set out to find the meaning or explore the Idea necessarily. But it seemed to always be there in some way in each song. Like breath. Not always your focus but always there affecting you whether you realize it or not. Not important until it isn’t there. Panic trying to catch it. Calmness it can bring knowing it is there and is yours,” says Costello, who then adds:

“The Rosetta Stone of the album is the titular track, Worth. The material definition gives way to the internal, emotional and personal version of Worth as we perceive it…or see it perceived. It explores the places we find it, the things it drives us to or from.”

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Worth is out on May 14.—Order here!

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