Silky Psyche is back, with a new single, Tilted Rituals. It’s a haunting song, deftly depicting peculiar emotional soundscapes. The duo, consisting of Kia Massoudi and Balthazar Conrad, is now split between Berlin and London, causing a wave in England with their first single, Frazzled, getting airtime on BBC London and BBC 1.

“The creation of this video was a difficult birth,” says Silky Psyche. “Each of us had very personal interpretations of the song and initially could not come to an agreement on how to visually depict them.”

They thought perhaps getting an outside perspective might help, which led to a collaboration with Belarusian artist Dasha Brian…and some uniquely unexpected complications. “This was during the protests and civil unrests in Belarus, when Lukashenko repeatedly cut off the internet to silence the population’s communication with the international world,” says the band. “We weren’t able to send our footage files back and forth, nor really communicate what we needed. But ultimately, I thought it was quite fitting that the visual manifestation of this song was met with so many challenges. The song is about overcoming that.”

Check out the sultry, psychedelic video below:


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