“He was more my type, not my problem that you keep your feelings deep inside.” 

It’s 11/11. Make a wish. Eve Minor already has, owning her inner bad girl with her new self-produced, genre-spanning scorcher, I’m Bad. The multi-instrumentalist layers trip-hop, goth, and synth pop with a shoegazed, smouldering R&B vocal delivery. To really make things interesting, the songstress mixed in layers of dub reggae embellishments, which give the dark song a sonically-tasty listen.

The lyrics illustrate a lover’s quarrel with the opening statement, “Don’t come around here, throwing my past in my face.” Recently more private of her love endeavors, often toxic and heartbreaking, this track gains a sense of empowerment as the protagonist evolves into ownership of her bad girl ways: “I’m bad, but you know you like that.”

Unrequited love breathes life into a unique indie pop anthem. It’s dark, sultry and honest, and still retains a feeling of the lo-fi punk and metal from which Minor’s career originated. Could this be the new direction of Eve Minor’s music as she gears up to drop more innovative sounds?

For I’m Bad, Eve Minor also creatively paired up with fine artist Paul Booth, taking the DIY approach of Grimes and the heartbreak (and jazz) sensibilities of Amy Winehouse, a dash of Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and a heaping dash of PJ Harvey.

Of the cryptic, passionate lyrics, one can only speculate about whom she could be speaking. Indeed, in true Scorpio fashion Eve Minor has made a game out of her Instagram stories: her fans openly guess who her material is written about, and in recent interviews Minor mentions “friends” which could be closer to her heart.

One thing’s for sure, though: Minor is quick to cut through the bullshit of the music industry. This is an artist who refuses to kowtow to normal standards, both in her everyday life and in her career. Indeed, Minor frequently, and angrily, speaks out about the blatant plagiarism in the music industry. She suffers neither fools…nor thieves.

“I want to get as close to my truth and honesty in my art as humanly possible,” Eve Minor states, as she continues to push boundaries both musically and artistically. “I think a lot of people in this industry see what’s considered ‘cool’ or ‘successful’ and they try to take a piece of that without giving credit. That’s not my style. I want to be myself and continue to grow into the most fruitful version of that. Ronnie Spector recently mentioned how hard it is to be the first of anything, so I remember that when I make newer material or do anything publicly. Continue being yourself, despite people trying to take you from yourself. In the end people know who’s who, might take longer for them to realize but the truth has a way of making itself known.”

Get your bad self on!

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