LA-based Australian Death-pop duo VOWWS have followed up their prickly and foreboding single “Impulse Control”—their dark cinematic display of delirium on the precipice of the pandemic, with their campy video for the new single “Stay Where You Are”, a song which makes its debut along with their appearance on the fictional Connie-Fay Show—with Rachael Pierce from Glaare starring as Connie-Fay.

“Stay Where You Are” is a beautiful and dark pop song with dreamy guitar twangs and windswept keys, which, together with the cable access performance vibe of the clip, conjure up a disconcerting and hilariously deadpan contrast.

Concerning the songwriting, Vowws’ Matt explains in all seriousness:

“Stay Where You Are is a song about the masters of the universe – behind the curtain, out of sight and out of reach, who keep others down for their own benefit while promoting division and meaningless conflict. Dividing and conquering with tools most of us can’t even come close to understanding.”

On the video’s discordant campiness, Rizz adds:

“The night was humid.

I had consumed a double dose of expired edibles and fallen deep into a YouTube K-Hole. Clip after clip of bizarre and shitty public access TV.

I was charmed by the lack of production value, it was all very DIY-cute which made it feel so earnest. No flashy sets or fancy camera work to make it tight, fast-paced show-biz style content.

Awkward moments linger and people’s humanity is exposed.

There’s this one video of Ween performing ‘Freedom ’76’ on this talk show that no one’s heard of back In the 90’s.

They’re clearly out of place and uncomfortable and the host is trying to seem interested but she’s being condescending without realizing it.

And they’re just so awkward and giving her nothing to work with.

I feel like every band has been in that position at some point, where you’re pressured to do all kinds of weird shit for promo, but it’s not a good time & you just can’t hide it.”

Watch the video below:

Following up on 2018’s Under the World LP, Vowws Matt and Rizz were on an international tour supporting Poppy when COVID-19 pandemic happened, and they have since released “Impulse Control,” before the unveiling of “Stay Where You Are”.

Since the release of their last full-length album, the fashion world has also taken notice of VOWWS’ strong aesthetic sensibilities. In January 2019, the band were invited to perform during the Commes Des Garçons runway show for Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The relationship with Commes and its retail partner, Dover Street Market, flourished as they were invited for in-store performances in Tokyo and London, as well as designing an exclusive merchandise line for the brand.

This led them to their scoring of the commercial for the Comme Des Garcons fragrance, Rouge, which was directed by Jordan Hemingway.

Watch below:

Vowws are currently working on their 3rd full-length album which will be out in 2021.

Order and stream “Stay Where You Are” here.

Stay Where You Are credits:

  • Written by VOWWS
  • Produced and mixed by VOWWS and Kevin McMahon
  • Mastered by Emily Lazar
  • Video by Rizz

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