Seattle-based turbowave project Dual Analog have unveiled their mystical jade and gold enveloped video for “Lust, Worship, and Desire,” the title track from the band’s full-length album released earlier this year.

Dual Analog was founded by Chip Roberts and Kurtis Skinner.  Evoking the new wave of ABC, Depeche Mode, Wang Chung, Duran Duran, and Tears for Fears, with the shadowy world music of Dead Can Dance, the band weaves a melange of sounds that transcends genres as much as their music is in itself, transcendent.

With vocals that reach into the interdimensional ether, “Lust, Worship, and Desire,” is propelled by poly-rhythmic drums and snaring bass grooves that build a cinematic atmosphere around the song’s aural meditation.

Lyrically, the song is the apex of the album’s themes, where both spirituality and sensuality intersect. It is here that the song’s protagonist has pushed themselves to the absolute breaking point of physical and emotional endurance in pursuit and devotion to their heart’s desire. lead them to realize that they will die continuing to carry on in this fashion.

The message here is that death is inevitable, and so is the karmic cycle of rebirth, suffering, and death yet again. The only escape is to go forth and seek enlightenment within, outside of the physical validation attained from others.

Watch the video for “Lust, Worship, and Desire” below:

Dual Analog’s full-length album Lust, Worship, and Desire, is out now.

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