Darkwave Act Blood Relations releases brooding new full-length studio album Eulogy. The album is sombre and brooding, invoking the aural tapestries of The Cure circa Faith and Disintegration, but with crooning vocals that are reminiscent of John Foxx.

The album beings with the icy short synth and bass-driven journey, “Foreword (Sleepwalking),” leading into the melancholia-drenched single “Chapter 1: New December”.

“Chapter 2: A Hole Inside the Earth” evokes the UK gothic-rock guitar stylings of bands like The Mission, All About Ever, and The Cult, which continues in the slower-paced dirge “Chapter 3: The Empty House“.

“Chapter 4: The Birthday Party” is wistful and dreamy with strumming guitars and sighing synths, followed by the Jungian lullaby “Chapter 5: The Dream and the Shadow”. 

The album closes with the spellbinding and baroque melodies of “Epilogue (Grab the Axe),” cresting the collection of compositions brimming with earnest beauty and heartache.

Listen below:

Blood Relations is a musical project created by E.K. Wimmer which combines elements of Post-Punk, Goth Rock, Darkwave, and Art Rock.

In addition to Blood Relations, Wimmer is known for his as an established film composer whose CV includes composing music for numerous short films, commercials, and podcasts as well as six feature films, including the darkwave score for the 2018 documentary Scary Stories, based on the iconic 1980s children’s horror book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

E.K. Wimmer also works as an experimental visual artist utilizing the mediums of collage, photography, and video installation. His work has been featured in multiple solo museum exhibitions over the years, both nationally and internationally.

E.K. Wimmer began writing material under the name Blood Relations in 2020. The first single, “Heartvine,” was released in March of 2022 with an accompanying music video, directed by Wimmer. “New December,” the second single from Blood Relations, released last April, heralded the release of the project’s debut LP, Eulogy. out now.

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Blood Relations:

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