[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ynth chanteuse Sally Dige is back with new single entitled “Hard to Please”—directed by her Cult Club collaborator Laslo Antal (Sixth June).  Not unlike her recent Cult Club release “All The People”, this synthetic dirge from Dige is quite the anachronism—alluding to the sounds of early Depeche Mode—somewhere between A Broken Frame, and Construction Time Again.

The song is about seeing someone close to you go through changes in their life, and the frustration it sometimes brings them. And although you try to be there for them, often you will be the one that they victimize and blame in the end.

The video is based on birth and death, and hidden motives and desires.
I wanted to do something on the theme of birth, and Laslo wanted to do something on the theme of searching, so we melted our ideas together and came up with the concept for this video. Laslo Antal directed and edited the video, and my friend Anna Artemova made the dress, specifically for this video.

-Sally Dige

The song is part of an LP release due on May 11th on Night School Records.

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