Cult Club is the sound and vision of Sixth June’s Serbian Synth maestro Laslo Antal and the voice of Canada’s Sally Dige.  This electronic pop duo, based in Berlin, are beautiful anachronisms expressing their visual art mastery in this new project formed with the idea or reinventing the alternative pop sound. Cult Club’s music is channeled through Sally’s layered harmonic vocals and Laslo’s sliding fretless bass lines, over an electronic background.
Following up the release of their poppy debut track Why Do You Go ?”, is the languid and intoxicating new song “All The People”, which sounds so sexy and vintage, It’s like Tropic of Cancer suddenly got way into Japan…I am already looking forward to hearing more—and seeing more of Laslo Antal’s stunning minimalist video production craftsmanship.
Cult Club’s debut EP is set to be released in early 2015.

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