This year has proven a transformative one for Sven Rosenkötter and Mirco Rappsilber, aka ROSI. The German band’s hard work has culminated in the release of their third album, scheduled for release on 27 November. The record, entitled Sad Dance Songs, was inspired by a description of their music by a journalist. Earlier this spring, the band briefly interrupted studio work to record a live session and made available on various streaming portals in mid-July.

In June, the band announced a switch to the DISENTERTAINMENT label, with hopes of reaching a broader audience.

ROSI remain true to their post-punk roots, particularly with Forgotten World (out today). Their sound has become a bit more open, and with tracks like “Complaints” there are a few additional electronic influences that hearken back to early synth-punk pieces. “Lips” is a wonderful mixture of minimal electro with guitars, surely a future banger on the dance floors.

“Forgotten World” is a departure from ROSI’s usual gloomy late-70s Weltschmerz, moving more into post-punk minimalism. The accompanying video, directed by Mirco Rappsilber, is a gorgeous black and white super-8 romp through gritty urban streets.

ROSI dips their toes a bit in the effervescent waters of New Wave, kicking it up a notch with the more playful “Preface #1” and catchy “Walls”. “Fences moves into a more atmospheric realm, for those quiet hours at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Sad Dance Songs bookends the opening track with “Kadenz #1”, with No More’s Andy Schwarz making a cameo appearance.

Overall, the band’s introversion scaled back as they cracked open a few windows to let in the light, partly due to greater production options. The album was recorded in ROSI’s extended home studio, produced by ROSI and Jan-Niklas Jansen, while Jansen took care of the mixdown in the “Bear Cave Studio” in Cologne. The ten pieces were then mastered in Vancouver by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound.

With Sad Dance Songs, ROSI combines the strengths of their earlier efforts with further influences and brings forth something new and exciting for the next chapter of the band’s evolution.

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