On the fourth episode of the Post-Punk Podcast, our Editor-in-Chief Alex Baker catches up with his old friend Doc Hammer following the release of his band Weep’s recent album Too Much Nothing.

You may know Doc Hammer as Dr. Girlfriend on The Venture Bros, an animated program on cartoon network’s Adult Swim, that he co-created along with Jackson Publick.

But before that, Doc was known as Eric Hammer, a baroque, flamboyant, Dracula-looking, and often shirtless, Gothic Rock guitarist from the bands Requiem in White, and Mors Syphilitica.

During the interview, Doc discusses exactly what Goth is, as well as talking about Bauhaus, The Damned, Sisters of Mercy, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. As well as his acquisition of guitar that if you were to open a museum of post-punk, it would be the highlight of the collection.

Listen below:

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*Photo by Alice Teeple

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