It’s safe to say that at this point, we’re well acquainted with staying inside…but UK dream-pop project Sun Spot, never ones to shy away from escapism, invite you into their reimagined home, now a hazy purgatory in the wistful Johari Window. 

Located in Bristol, the Bubblegum Goth duo, consisting of Will Palmer (vocals, bass) and George Turner (guitar, synth, production), released Johari Window/Lovesong in late 2020 after appearing at Bristol Online Takeover. The two songs saw the group discarding scrappy indie rock in favour of a minimalistic approach, rife with vast, ambient soundscapes and delicate guitar work underpinned by pulsing, electronic beats. The double single has proved to be a crucial stepping stone for the band, allowing their experimental approach to pop music to be pushed further.

The pair pride themselves on their DIY ethic: all of their releases (including the music video for Johari Window) so far have been made entirely in their living room.

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The new double single, Johari Window/Lovesong is available now via Rosecoloured Records.

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