Berlin-based duo Silky Psyche conjure a sound that is reminiscent of triphop, post-punk, and shoegaze experimentations of the mid to late 90s, but tempered with true old school poetic ethos of the 80s.

Being one of those new projects whose plans were hampered by the COVID-19 quarantine, Silky Psyche has brashly moved forward with the release of their debut single “Frazzled,” a song whose sonic permutations invoke some of the best experimentations of Public Image Ltd.

A story embedded within a song, the release of “Frazzled” is accompanied by a video that visualizes the duo’s early, hazy and confused nights in Berlin.

“We were really into tunes that have monotonous singing like some songs by Massive Attack or Anika. But we also love the haunting but driven feeling of bands like Portishead or Slowdive. So this track is basically a story embedded within a song.
The video itself was shot during Balthazar’s birthday, so a big thank you to all that showed!”

Watch the video for Frazzled below:

Producer and guitarist Kia Massoudi started making music in his hometown Tehran and began seriously pursuing it after his move to Berlin, where he is also an active landscape architect. Singer and synth player Balthazar Conrad grew up in Jakarta and is a cultural-scholar-turned-musician. Soon after they met in 2019, the duo launched into their collaboration, drawing upon each of their experiences and cultural heritages to create a new synthesized world of sounds, impressions, and emotional landscapes.

Intentionally choosing a name that reflects a world that has always been interconnected, “Silky” refers to the historical Maritime Silk Road that connected South-East Asian kingdoms up to Persia, and further on to Europe. Together with the word “Psyche,” it represents a soft and translucent state of mind, open to and accepting of new possibilities. The name expresses the duo’s navigation of living and creating in an almost dystopian era while struggling to reveal and manifest hidden utopias.

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