Los Angeles based EBM act Damascus Knives have enlisted the talents of Italian director Francesco Brunotti (3Teeth/Japan Suicide, Wire Spin, AAIMON, Passing, etc) for their visually dark, striking, and seductive video for “Trusted Meds” a track from their new EP Would You Feel Safer If You Carried A Gun.

The video is set inside claustrophobic industrial spaces where different masked characters are being submitted to murder, torture, or beatings. There is no place for hope, just darkness. Everything is played through a TV, that we get to see from time to time, that also connects all the different scenes and settings. In between we see a woman dancing to all the violence, and a couple getting aroused by the death and darkness.

Damascus Knives first released a single in 2017 in the midst of an EBM Techno renaissance and has had a handful of exclusive live shows and DJ appearances on the west coast. Last year the project made a remix appearance on DJ, author, and Promoter Andi Harriman’s SYNTHICIDE vinyl compilation along with Xerox Tronik Youth and Tunnel Signs, and Upsetter. With all music written and performed by David Christian, the intention of introducing this familiar blend of sounds in the current scene was not to innovate but rather slow down dance floors to bring back the late 80’s UK and Belgian grinding rave vibe.

Watch the video, directed by Francesco Brunotti below:

Damascus Knives EP Would You Feel Safer If You Carried A Gun is out now via Square Wav Productions.
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