Portland’s Koalra return with a stunning new single: “Center of the World.” The overall sound of the track brings to mind upbeat 90s psychedelic vibes like Eels, Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads, and Super Furry Animals, with a twinge of melancholy noise-rock and post-punk hooks in the vein of Sonic Youth. Little is known about Koalra themselves, other than they had their beginnings in the Windy City, but the mystery heightens the overall feeling of the single. It has an authentically 90s feel to it, a bittersweetness reflective of these more volatile times.

The video for Center of the World is a whimsical animated collage of natural elements, moments with the band, and architecture floating together in the time-space continuum. It becomes a hypnotic dreamscape of humanity’s place in the cosmos, taking a stylistic cue from Terry Gilliam’s shorts for Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Watch below:

Koalradescribes “Nihilism and Analog Tape” as a “collection of odds, ends and extras. The single “Center of the World” is available now on all streaming services. “Nihilism and Analog Tape” will be released on Dec 28th with a pre-order here and here.

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