When someone finds themselves in an unfamiliar space, the fish-out-of-water feeling can become overwhelming…to the point of paranoia and isolation. This is the theme of the new single, “Seed of Doubt,” from LA chanteuse Madeline Goldstein. The track, produced and mixed by Matia Simovich (SRSQ, RIKI, Patriarchy), has a gentle dream pop vibe in the vein of Goldfrapp, Ladytron, old-school Madonna, Kate Bush, and Bat For Lashes. Goldstein’s ethereal voice is perfection with the anthemic synth hooks.

“At its core it is simply about feeling out of place, whether that be in the city you’re living or just in a room of your peers,” says Goldstein. “And much like the name, once that “seed of doubt” is planted, it festers and grows, it always remains – it becomes something physical, and the spiral begins.”

The video, self-directed with Chad Fjerstad (More Ephemerol, VR SEX),  serves as a metaphor for the psyche itself, inspired by flights of fancy and the vastness of being alone in your own mind. We see the isolation play out as contentment in moments of reverie in nature, and loneliness in moments of despair. Even the costumes flit between severe BDSM costuming and a more freewheeling, bohemian look, as if embodying the emotions within.

“The landscapes represent an empty plain, seemingly nondescript, where the “character” roams listlessly, sleeps, fantasizes, but most of the time does absolutely nothing. Because when the doubt controls you, it can be the greatest cog in your creative machine. I find myself spending a lot of time in this landscape.”

Watch the video for “Seed of Doubt” below:

Madeline Goldstein (Fringe Class), breaks though the noise with their highly anticipated self-titled solo project. Founded after relocating to LA in 2019, Madeline has now self-released an experimental full-length album (Forget This, 2020) and their more recent single, “One More Day”, showcasing an ethereal dream-pop presence. Madeline Goldstein echoes the energies of new wave, dream-pop, and dark wave with emotion, showcasing the vocal range and passion of femme pop icons and 80s theatrics.


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