Boston-based post-punk band Pilgrims of Yearning have just released a new video for “The Visitor.” The song, which hails from last year’s Bestiarum EP, is an infectious call-and-response track that invokes the spirit of Ghost Dance and Xmal Deutschland in a three-and-a-half minute burst of fury. The video is directed by Wooden Grain Co. and through a combination of performance clips and evocative imagery explores the subconscious manifestations of depression as a nefarious entity.

Watch the video below:

On the concept for the video, vocalist Juls Garat explains:

“Several years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar depression and panic attacks. It’s a period I don’t remember particularly well, I was in a bunch of meds the whole time. Eventually those helped me, but even today I live with this sensation that the next attack is around the corner, breathing on my neck. With Claudio we thought of this concept of a Lovecraftian being, The Visitor, who is at the time alien and intimate, as a manner to refer to a phenomena still taboo, misunderstood and stigmatized. And in the end, do we eradicate our Visitors as pests or do we embrace them as a part of ourselves to explore as well?”

Bestiarum is available digitally via Bandcamp. You can also catch Pilgirims of Yearning live in Salem on both March 9th and March 24th. The band will also be performing on May 24th at re:nü [sic] party, which is curated by Jordan Sinclair and takes place at Hart Bar in Brooklyn, NY. More details on upcoming live shows on the band’s Facebook page.

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