Legendary darkwave and synth producer John Fryer has teamed up with Scottish Industrial singer/songwriter Chris Connelly for the Black Needle Noise track “I’ll Give You Shape”.

The pairing of Fryer, best known for his production work with the early Mute and 4AD catalogs, and Connelly, best known for his time with Ministry and Revolting Cocks, results in something dark, unexpected and Bowie-esque, not too dissimilar to the paring of Mr. Brian Eno and Mr. David Robert Jones on the 1990s LP’s Outside and Earthling.

“I was so humbled to write and sing for this incredible music, my favourite thing about collaboration is that someone else’s sounds and melodies will push me into different atmospheres and moods, it’s like walking through someone else’s private home, it’s a privilege and I do not take it for granted as it can only ever strengthen me as a writer:

John Fryer:
It’s been a great pleasure working with Chris.
I’ve been listening to his records for a very long time. Our friend Marija Buljeta put us in touch with each other thinking it would be a good idea if we collaborated on a song or two and as you can hear she was right.

“I’ll Give You Shape” is a standalone single available for download via Bandcamp here.

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