Singer, songwriter, producer, and German Underground music legend MONA MUR, is back with her video for “Motorboy”, a track off of her new solo album Delinquent, set for release on March 29th via Freibank Recordings.

Motorboy, directed by Elfi Mikesch and edited by Dominik Backhaus, is a hip vintage joyride through the Mojave desert conjuring the imagery analog to the seductive celluloid of 1965’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.

Watch the video below:

Starting her career in the early 1980s , Mona Mur has been touring, releasing music, and collaborating with various artists for three decades, most notably alumni of Einstürzende Neubauten such as Fm Einheit and En Esch of KMFDM.

During these past decades, along with a few recent retrospective compilations, Mona’s career has branched in various directions, whether it be martial arts champion, or video game music composer, and other extended breaks and “devious detours”.

Despite often being being hyped as an exceptional singer with all the expectations that go along with that, Mona’s “poetic adventurism” ultimately clashed with the trappings of the music industry, leaving her unable to write new material in the shadow of her earlier career.

Now all “legacies” have been processed, however, it’s finally time for a new Mona Mur album.

The result is 12 songs in German, in hard black and white. Short stories and clear statements, urban desperado style. This is done with Mona’s collaborator, co-author and co-producer, Ralf Goldkind (Lucilectric), who immediately agreed to enlist to “finally make the Mona Mur album I always wanted to do”. Goldkind’s hypnotic twang guitar riffs and minimal electronics loops are the best triggers for the both gaudy and catchy electro-pop rock’n’roll style featured on the record.

A number of esteemed musician colleagues are also involved with the record, such as Bettina Köster (Malaria!), Anja Huwe (Xmal Germany), Annika Line Trost (Cobra Killer), En Esch (KMFDM), Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Rudy Nielson (guitarist, inter alia Nena + Alphaville) and more. There is also support from YELLO’s Dieter Meier, who will contribute a video.

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