And don’t call me honey
Cause I know, what you’re up to now…

Philadelphia alternative rock group Forest Circles drift beneath the waves in their latest slow-burning single, “Poison Leaves”. The transcendent shoegaze track features singer-songwriter Angel Ocana submerging into deep melancholia. With a dark, melodic, and dream-laden sound, the song’s atmosphere drowns the senses in introspective limbo; the feeling of a womb or cocoon before rebirth.

Forest Circles formed in April 2021. Comprised of Ocana and drummer Justin Leggio, their sound blends elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and alternative rock.

Their dark and dreamy, high contrast monochromatic music video leads you on a journey through the mind of Forest Circles. Symbols from nature and dreamscape beautifully illustrate the plaintive poetry of the lyrics, bringing to mind Weimar Republic-era German Expressionism, and the eerie underwater scene in the classic film noir thriller, Night of The Hunter. Psychedelic elements keep the video in an ethereal plane, perfect for the shoegaze vibe of the song.

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