Long Island “art-rock psychonauts” Heavy Duty Super Ego emerged from creative expression in basements, studios, and stages throughout the U.S. Josh Morin and James Usher grew up on the road together while developing their sound with their first band, Edison Glass. After years of touring, they disbanded and sought a new musical identity. Morin and Usher then formed Heavy Duty Super Ego to push their songwriting into the realm of garage, shoegaze, and ambient soundscape.

Nimble Jack, their latest offering, is a gentle journey inward as the heart and soul do their eternal battle. Usher explains the concept behind Nashville animator Grouch Bucket’s fascinating video for the track:  “Nimble Jack explores identity in conflict. It reflects on self and the other, the blurred lines and the spaces between. The video portrays a shifting identity in a psychedelic glimpse of divine codependency.”

Taking cues from Peter Max’s mind-melting classic Yellow Submarine and Gerald Scarfe’s intense animations for Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Nimble Jack’s imagery is more Eastern-influenced, with a smattering of the occult.

Watch the video for “Nimble Jack” below:

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