Philadelphia has a reputation for being a vortex of darkness, famously inspiring David Lynch’s Eraserhead. The overcast city stuffed with violence, dilapidated architecture, and a rampant opioid crisis has also inspired darkwave outfit, Night Sins, who released the new single: “Fantasy 21″.

Mastermind Kyle Kimball has long been the drummer for Nothing, but Night Sins is making its own mark. Night Sins frolic down the same musical path as The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox with hints of The Mission, NIN, and Nitzer Ebb along the way. Kimball’s shadowy vocals are the glue holding the sound together, a rich baritone howling through the night fog.

Fantasy 21 plods through a synth landscape with hypnotic drumming, honeyed vocals dripping with earnestness in the vein of Dave Gahan. There are interesting Easter egg samples within the instrumental breaks, reminiscent of Cabaret Voltaire, giving the song a rich atmosphere. There is a cool 80s-inspired visualizer for the track, looking like something created on a Vectrex.

Watch the video for “Fantasy 21” below:

Night Sins’ Violet Age is out June 10th via Born Losers Records.

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