Darkwave act Kiss of the Whip, a synth project helmed by the talented Tristan Victor, has released the video for the haunting and timely anthemic track “We’re Not Here”, a song about withdrawing from the general populace, which has as of the year, become a universally shared experience.

As Victor explains:

“Those of us who have been alienated from others and society know that isolation can sometimes feel like fading away; a kind of disappearance. Some have been fortunate enough to find a companion — a partner, an animal, or some other meaningful presence — with whom to live this disappearance together. I wrote the title track ‘We’re Not Here’ about the beautiful, painful experience of no longer being alone while always continuing to fade away from the multitude.”

Watch the video below:

“We’re Not Here”, the title track from Kiss Of The Whip’s forthcoming new album, follows the earlier premiere of “Girl Made Of Stars”, Preorders for We’re Not Here are available now on Bandcamp.

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The album will be released on October 23 and includes vinyl (Black & White Splatter), Compact Discs, and streaming on all major platforms via Cold Transmission Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Introduction in G Minor
  2. Girl Made of Stars
  3. Be Mine
  4. Left Behind
  5. Sun Moon Star
  6. A Sky Entirely Devoid of Stars
  7. We’re Not Here
  8. Never Cursed
  9. Drowning Inland
  10. Starving the Flame

Vinyl Exclusive:

11. A Sky Entirely Devoid of Stars (Drumless)

CD Exclusives:

11. Be Mine (Agent Side Grinder Remix)

12. We’re Not Here (Sydney Valette Remix)

13. Be Mine (Schonwald Remix)

14. We’re Not Here (TSTI Remix)

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