Paris-based darkwave outfit Giirls releases a chilling new self-directed video for their fiery, hypnotic synth track Paralyzed. It’s disturbing, disorienting and dark, with urgent whispers and flashing images of motorcycle races and the 1986 Challenger disaster within the word PARALYZED. The video and song encompass the feeling of going too fast, when the adrenaline rush becomes increasingly dangerous for humans. The video is a dizzying display of carelessly careening into disaster. This is the soundtrack to recklessness: when you know the end is near, and yet you push forward, relentlessly, fearlessly, chaotically toward oblivion. As John Derek says in the film noir Knock On Any Door: “live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.”

“I just wanted to retrieve this feeling of ‘human brain freezing’ towards these moments,” says the band, whose members have also played in DEAD, FTR, and formerly FUTURE.

Giirls will be celebrating the release of their album by playing in Paris at Trabendo on 9 October. This is not to be missed. If vinyl is your bag, Giirls will be releasing the album FAR REALITY on the cool wax, available to order here.

Check out the single for PARALYZED here:

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