Last week the Pet Shop Boys released a special new “lockdown version” of their early hit single “West End Girls” with new synths put together by Chris Lowe, and vocalist Neil Tennant, both of whom are sequestered at home in isolation from the coronavirus.

Here is info on the new version of the 1984 hit single From the band’s website:

“Chris and Neil recently created a brand new version of ‘West End girls’ for the Smithsonian Pride online event which took place yesterday. On his laptop at home, Chris played and programmed a new backing track which he forwarded to Neil who then recorded his vocals. Pete Gleadall then mixed the track. Luke Halls, who creates much of the video content for PSB live shows, made the finished video by editing footage shot by Chris and Neil at the homes where they have been isolating.”

Petshop Boys first released “West End Girls” as their debut single in 1984, which quickly became a 1980s club staple. The duo re-recorded the song for their debut album Please, and when this new version was released in 1985, it became a Number 1 hit in both the U.S. and U.K.

Watch the new “Lockdown Version” below:

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