Italian post-punk trio SOVIET SOVIET have revealed their video for the song “Change With The Sun”, a  track featured on a forthcoming special edition of the band’s Ghost EP, which is scheduled to be issued on vinyl for the first time later this summer.

The Ghost EP is the first new material from the band since late 2016’s Endless LP, which saw the band touring extensively for its promotion, during which the band were detained by ICE while attempting to make promotional appearances at Radio Station KEXP and SXSW.

The song “Change with the Sun” is a torrent of cascading guitars and melodies are bolsterd by Andrea Giometti’s vehement vocals, enough to stir the catalepse heart to enough fervor to twirl alone in their room, or amongst a gallery of faces, while dancing in a soft universe of headphones and speakers.

The video for the track, conceived by former guitar player Alessandro Costantini, is dedicated to the memory of Mirko Bertuccioli of the Italian indie band Camillas, who died recently of Coronavirus.

Alessandro Costantini says this about the video

“When I played in Soviet Soviet, most of the guitar parts were born thanks to images and flashes that appeared in my head during rehearsals. 

I was almost composing soundtracks to match those colours and those imaginary and non-imaginary situations.

The video for “change with the sun” came through the opposite process.

The general concept was born while listening to the song which with its frenzy suggested to me the clips to use, the colours and the editing style.

The result is a kind of “photo album” that tells something of this particular time, full of atypical and often not too positive sensations which can still make us aware of what we have and that maybe at this moment we can only wish for.”

Watch the video below:

Soviet Soviet is self-releasing their GHOST EP on 12″ vinyl and digital on July 31st. Originally, The Ghost (B-sides) EP, featuring artwork by Luca Zamagna aka ErrataDisain, was released last summer via Coypu Records in a limited edition of 100 Pink cassettes.

The new version of the EP includes 3 tracks previously released only on tape and includes new remixes by The KVB, Algiers, and Cloud Nothings.

Once again, the 12″ version EP is only being released as a special limited edition (available in a t-shirt bundle) by the band and the label Coypu records,

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