Olso post-punk and “psych-noir” band Mayflower Madame are premiering with us today their stylish and black and white Astrid Serck directed video for their track “Before I Fall”, a song featured on their recently released Premonition EP.

The band elaborate on the track’s songwriting and composition compared to the other songs on the EP:

“Before I Fall” is the second track on our new EP “Premonition”. With its lush melodies drenched in a melancholic haze it displays a more quiet and stripped down side of the band compared to the more savage post-punk aspect of the opening title track. Lyrically, it portrays a mood of soul-searching, repentance and longing when you find yourself at the dizzy edge of the abyss.”

Photo by Sven Santelmann

The Premonition EP is Mayflower Madame’s first release since their 2016 debut LP Observed In A Dream and  heralds their upcoming second album— expected to be released later this year.

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