Berlin-based noise project Iron Sight is premiering with us today “Yellow Tulips”—the first track from the project’s upcoming six track EP To You Who Broke My Heart.

Iron Sight is the work of Danish artist Isak Hansen. Hansen is a producer, performer, song writer, and notorious vocalist for The Empire Line.

About the upcoming release:

“Iron Sight’s music crosses territory between dystopian sci-fi futurism and biblical eschatology, perhaps the same event, the end of the Uroburos’ tail; mechanical percussion hits anchor drones that evoke Albrecht Durer’s vision of The Four Horsemen, bristling synths audibly resemble locust drones descending upon rotting fields, a voice made from barbed wire emerges from a storm of reverb. This record, as the title suggests focuses on the trauma of a broken heart, bodies longed for are dissected and reconstructed, the minimal composition of the tracks allows cinematic spaces to unfold, constructing the scaffolding for a descent into obsession, mania and the annihilation of memory.”

To You Who Broke My Heart comes out July 19th through Berlin label Instruments of Discipline.

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