It’s been four years since anyone has heard from Australia’s HTRK. As such, the duo unexpectedly released a new single “Mentions,” a taste from their upcoming untitled record, due out in 2019 on Ghostly International.

The track is stunning, expanding on the duo’s syrupy electronic textures. The palate remains as sparsely haunting as ever; deep sensuous grooves, droning synth bass, and dreamingly meandering delay-ridden guitar lines hang together with Jonnine Standish‘s honey-drenched vocals.

You’re passing up on the real stuff / it’s not physical enough

Detachment and dread never sounded so sexy as it does here, as the band set out to explore the relationship between social media and the lack of intimacy it breeds.

While the band is still hard at work on their upcoming record, “Mentions” will also be released as a digital single, alongside b-side “More to Enjoy.” The single is due out on July 16th.

HTRK- Mentions
1. Mentions
2. More to Enjoy

Photo by Gian Manik.

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