Ahead of the release of Andrya Ambro new album Gold Dime, the former half of noise rock duo Talk Normal, has released the video for “My House”—the title track from the project’s forthcoming new record which follows 2017s debut LP Nerves.

This time around, instead of a shifting cadre of collaborators under the direction of Ambro, the project has been honed into a collective effort, with the enlistment of Ian Douglas-Moore on bass and John Bohannon of ambient rock project Ancient Ocean on guitar.

The result is a psychedelic reverie conjuring the unsettling vision of peering into the cracked window of a haunted house where Diamanda Galas can be seen fronting Can.

On the new album’s title track, which takes inspiration from Manchester post-punk band The Fall, and its accompanying Lynchian video Andrya explains:

“Sometimes it’s hard to sell your friends on an idea, like convincing them to leave their own comforts and say, come to your house for a change. So perhaps this is my commentary on that social absurdity and the comical desperation of selling a person on a thing. Admittedly this was a lingering sentiment that occurred to me only listening to the song after the fact. It was not consciously written with this idea in mind. In fact, the creative kernel behind “My House” grew out of The Fall’s “My New House,” where Mark E Smith lists all the mundane things in his house. So I think I went in with that mindset, only things gets a little more haunted and heavy in our version. Cause you know, the moods are always happening. Also, this was the first song that was full band collaboration. So I think we’re all pretty proud of it.

“With regards to the video, I can’t say there’s any conscious correlation between the lyrical content of the song and the moving image – a singing face being dragged – besides a surreal and intimate absurdity. But there is definitely a direct line between how both the video and the song make you feel.”

The video’s Editor, Chris Mulligan of Parlor Walls, elaborates:

“Picture a deep breath from Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon getting choked in the anxiety of Lynch’s Lost Highway. Locked in step with the hypnotic rhythm, you don’t notice the ground disappearing below you. Then the beat changes and suddenly you no longer know where you are.”

Watch the video for “My House” below:

My House is set for release on October 11 via Fire Talk Records.

Pre-Order Here

Live Dates:

  • OCT 09 – NYC – Alphaville, Record Release w/ Wume
  • OCT 11 – Philadelphia – Jerrys on Front
  • OCT 12 – Baltimore, MD – True Vine w/ Period Bomb
  • OCT 14 – Pittsburgh, PA – Gooski’s
  • OCT 15 – Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s Locker Room
  • OCT 16 – Chicago, IL – The Hideout w/ ONO
  • OCT 17 – Detroit, MI – Trumbell Plex
  • OCT 18 – Cincinnati, OH – The Comet
  • OCT 19 – Columbus, OH – The Summit w/ Son of Dribble, Knealing In Piss + tbc
  • OCT 23 – DC – Rhizome
  • OCT 30 – NYC – Brooklyn Bazaar Basement w/ Dan Friel, Parlor Walls &

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