Sweden’s True Moon have unveiled “My Revolution”—the second single from the band’s forthcoming album II, the aptly named follow-up to the band’s 2016 self-titled debut LP

Formed by Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar) of Grammy-nominated band Vånna Inget, alongside guitarist Linus Segerstedt and drummer Fredrik Orevad, True moon conjure a bewitching blend of post-punk and goth that betrays current musical trends, while harkening to clove and patchouli-scented sounds of late 80s Gothic Rock, like Die Laughing, and All About Eve, yet grounded in the sonic cavalcade of icy darkwave infused guitars.

Singer/bass player Karolina—who on the new song is conjuring her inner Stevie Nicks—explains:

“This is a song dedicated to my restless heart, the pain I’ve felt and fought – To my own, personal revolution. This is a song dedicated to you – to your world and wars – to your deaths and dreams – To what will be your own revolution.”

Listen to “My Revolution” below:

Released by Lövely Records, II hits the shelves as digital, CD, and vinyl on November 1st. The album will soon be available to pre-order at FreightTrain.se

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