Princess heaven stars won’t tell them
Billboard signs plastered on the drag
You float like the moon

New York City alternative act D’Arcy announces a dreamy, melancholy new single, “Moon”. Channeling the feelings of transition and limbo, the hypnotic torch song shimmers with deep emotion, trepidation, and bittersweet nostalgia. The misty atmospheric layers of distortion are tempered with D’Arcy’s angelic vocals.

“Moon is about finding love and beauty in life, despite the pain that comes from letting go of childhood in order to transition to adulthood,” says D’Arcy.

Moon immerses the listener in honest lyrics that dwell in another dimension, infusing her electronic soundscapes with pure humanity.

An outspoken advocate for sobriety and LGBTQ rights, D’Arcy has addressed her struggle with addiction and her road to recovery. In an interview with Flaunt, she spoke with candor about her songwriting inspirations.

“Growing up, there were only a handful of LGBTQ musicians I knew of…I drew from experiences I’ve had and/or emotions I’ve felt. While dating a girl and getting sober are not experiences that everyone can relate to, having a crush on someone and feeling defeated are pretty universal feelings. It’s very important for me to not think about how other people might receive my music while I’m writing it, or else it becomes dishonest and contrived. So these personal attributes have impacted my work insofar as they have shaped my own experiences and emotions.”

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