Barcelona-based synth duo Fatamorgana return with a journey through the circle of memory in their video for “El Uróboro”. The song is a celestial synth reverie, with the video exchanging the oceanic setting of their debut album Terra Alta’s lead single “La Atlántida “, for the elemental seclusion of a forest glade.

“El Uróboro” is the Ouroboros—a gnostic and alchemical symbol of a serpent that eats its own tail—representing the unity of all things, material and spiritual. Things that eternally change form in a cycle of destruction and rebirth.

To guide us through this dreamlike spiral, Louis Harding employs his Roland JP-8000, and melodica, alongside the ethereal vocals of Patrycja Proniewska (Belgrado). With Patrycja’s distinct vocal poetry, Louis’ fluttery synths, Polish buckwheat maracas, and pan-like flute sounds, the union of the combined melody conjures the feeling of a soft romanticism. In this euphoric state of mind, the wonders and mysteries of the natural world and the universe itself loom just beyond the horizon. And within this intangible place and state of being, the wish is “to fly and swim at once, forever, in another density.”

On the song’s themes, Fatamorgana explain:

“El Uróboro is a song about the memories and their cycle in our lives, in which we go in circles trying to find our way, and although we find it we still might feel lost.

This transmigration of our memories leads to our eternal cyclic renewal.

We filmed El Uróboro video in the polish meadows, where Patrycja was growing up during her summers, those lands are connected with many of her memories, appeared various times in her dreams, and we still like to visit them frequently. Now we share them with you.”

Watch the video for “El Uróboro” below:

Since 2017, Barcelona-based duo Fatamorgana have been summoning their anima and animus into a singular variation of synth-driven post-punk that bubbles, floats, reverberates with subtle yet immersive atmospherics. With their minimalist new wave music, they sidestep the standard conventions of nostalgia by, instead of transporting you to a time that is past, bringing you to a blissful place that could be.

“El Uróboro” is the first single from Fatamorgana’s second album Ahora Aquí Todavía No, out on February 22nd, 2022 via London DIY cult imprint LVEUM.

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