“I’m not a holy man but I feel divine”

Nottingham post-punk quartet Hurtsfall reveal their video for “Revelator”, their latest single which fully recalls the spirit of the 80s yet with a sharply modernist twist, replete with a quote-worthy spoken-word interlude

Recorded in Nottingham with producer and longtime collaborator Mark Parkins at Psyrex Soundlab, “Revelator” aims to tantalise the senses. Mixed during the COVID-19 lockdown, time and care was taken to refine the Hurtfall sound.

Melodically, “Revelator” has been compared to Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Gary Numan, and Depeche Mode, and is the perfect soundtrack to a brooding sit in head to toe black whilst nursing your wounds with a freshly poured snakebite.

“Revelator is about swinging between ecstasy and tragedy, something I think we can all relate to at the moment,” Says frontman Sam Harrison-Emm, “At just over three minutes “Revelator” is a short track by our standards, we wanted it to be short and catchy to leave listeners wanting more.”

Shot and edited on iPhone entirely by the band, this is Hurtsfall’s first foray into the world of music videos with a gloomy DIY film that captures the essence of this dark and stylish track.

Watch the video below:

“Revelator” is out on the 11 of September 2020 via all major music platforms worldwide.

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