New Jersey hardcore darkwave act Neon Funeral have unveiled their next single “Insatiable (I Used Your Love)”.

The new song’s sound and direction is more experimental than the band’s previous material, reflecting a lot of heavier bands and 80’s synthpop they were listening to during the time of this song’s conception.
“It was hard to choose one song to release after a year since our EP,” Neon Funeral explains, “but we decided on Insatiable because it was the first song we wrote during quarantine.”
Insatiable was recorded and co-produced by Jesse Cannon, along with Brian DiMeglio who co-engineered. Jesse has worked with bands like The Cure, Senses Fail, Choking Victim, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, so having his insight really helped this come together.
 Lyrically the song is about the band’s vocalist Randy Robertson. As the band elaborates:
“Randy and his self-destructive habits of alcoholism and battling addiction. It also reflects the insatiable appetite a person may have when drugs, sex, love, and delusions are all part of a self-created prison that they struggle to escape from.
As Randy himself introspectively notes: “It’s a self-reflective ode to the past and how I used to live. Through experience, I’ve learned that it’s no way to live because you drive people away and ultimately end up alone, sickened, poor, and depressed.”
Watch the lyric video for “Insatiable (I Used Your Love)”, below:

Neon Funeral began back in 2019 as a project between roommates at the time, vocalist Randy Robertson and guitarist Kevin Garetz, who set out to write a song showcasing their love for new-wave and post-punk, all the while, reflecting on being brought up in the same North Jersey hardcore scene back in the mid-2000s.

What started initially as just an idea quickly grew into a full-fledged band backed by members Michael Caballero (synth), Aaron Dempsey (drums), and Robbie Miranda (bass).

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