Columbus, Ohio’s mysterious darkwave trio Child Of Night have been toiling away in the dusk and shadows since 2017. The band are no strangers to grey areas; The rising sun’s first hint subtly illuminates their dark corners.

With this in mind, Child of Night manifests their first full-length release: “The Walls At Dawn.” This collection of songs featured on the record address the themes of transformation and illumination, all set against the backdrop of a collapsing empire.

The resulting sonic exploration therein is appropriate for consumption by those facing the dystopian reality of an unfamiliar world while undergoing the powerful urge to dance within the darkness.

Equal parts analog synthesizer exploration, noisy industrial dance beats, and swirling guitar-driven post-punk; Child Of Night seeks to have their sonic sensibilities firmly rooted in the traditions of their idols as well as carving their own unique path.

Vocalist Niabi has this to say about the first single from the record:

“The lyrics and vocal melody for Unafraid fell out of me, written all in one day.

I will never betray the meaning of the song, but I will say this: The first line of the second verse was inspired by the admittance of a guilty pleasure, and I ran with the idea of safety for people that I care about, safety for myself. At the end of the song, the question is asked – “is it worth it to fall” – and only you can answer that question. When you see us perform Unafraid live, you’ll undoubtedly know my [our] answer…”

Watch the video for “Unafraid” below:

Child Of Night’s The Walls At Dawn is out September 26th, 2021.

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