Italian darkwave band Neila Invo hatches a brand new, wriggling single: Larvae. The pensive, quiet song evolved from a dream the singer Elettra had where she was covered with larvae. Later, she and the rest of the band discovered that the Latin word “larva” also meant “mask” and “ghost.” This naturally prompted a song.

“Larvae” churns through the perpetual (and distressing) process of death and rebirth: a macabre verse recited in a bedroom where every single night we lie down until the last eternal sleep. The nostalgic melody of a viola, played by producer Nico Giordano, accompanies the time-bending lyrics.

The creepy video accompanying the haunting track was directed by Ash Code’s Alessandro Belluccio. The interpretive piece focuses on gestures inspired by the echoes of remote dances in the musicians’ movements.

Neila Invo formed two years ago in Naples by Elettra (vocals and lyrics) and Valeria (bass). A year later Claudia, already active in Ash Code, turned the band into a trio by joining them on keyboards. From this moment even the minimal experiments are being improved and their current sound – a mix of cold synths, a deep bass, and a sidereal voice – starts to take form.

It’s a gorgeous journey throughout the cosmos, large and small.

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