Melbourne post-punk outfit Town Ace unleashes a chaotic dive into an altered state with the frenetic “Goons”. Sounding like Bends-era Radiohead meets a fever dream in a basement club, the dissonant track breeds feelings of paranoia, intimidation, and disassociation with its erratic percussion and scraping guitar as the singer howls his way through a lousy trip.

“Goons is a chaotic journey through driving noise and a sheet of reverb. Lyrically it deals with perception and altered states,” says the band.

The video, a montage of landscapes layered in a psychedelic haze, is a bizarre fever dream in and of itself. Watch below, but steady yourself beforehand:

The track comes off of their debut album, Peers: another result of pandemic-era creativity, covering lyrical themes on perception, isolation and solace in nature.

It is a marker that came from years of bashing ears with our grit as we negotiated the angles of what would be our sound,” says the band. “It comes from a place of exploration….there has been a choice to head into performances with room to interact with the energy, spaces and people around the noise. We want to bring pieces of the material with us but create chances to throw ourselves elsewhere.”

Town Ace began in 2017 under the name Mid/West, but Josh, Jacob and Ari have been making noise with one another in different forms over the past ten years. The trio share a love for raw approaches to songwriting, taking cues from HEALTH, New War, Women, Polvo, Wire, and My Bloody Valentine.
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