LUCIFER speaks to us in all colors of the universe

LUCIFER enlightens us – with all knowledge in just one verse

Lucifer is getting things done in the world of Nino Sable. The Aeon Sable frontman, who beginning in 2021, gained momentum with a slew of new single releases. The most engaging tracks, selected by a vote of the vox populi, culminated in the album sedate ⊚ seduce.

Produced by Sable and Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde; October Burns Black), sedate ⊚ seduce succinctly and sublimely encapsulates the Zeitgeist of the modern German musical underground.

The cinematic opener “Driven By The Night” has a sound akin to moody soundtracks by Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis – a futuristic vibe with eerie synths. “Church of No Belief” is a passionate hymn to the fall of man and the lure of atheism in the wake of no hope for the future. (The spacey theremin is a nice touch.)

The collaborative track, “Taraxon”with guest vocal by Diane Wang, is a spine-tingling journey through a haunted psyche. led by ominous drums and quivering synths. And “Into The Void” is a cinematic foray into the unknown, using post-punk drum rhythms as a starting point to transcend dark music genres with its chiming synthwave tones and languid vocal anguish.

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It’s difficult to pigeonhole the sound of Nino Sable – his lyrics tell dark stories recalling Nick Cave, Deutsch Nepal, and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, but there are elements of March Violets, Depeche Mode, Xymox, and Sisters of Mercy (particularly with Ultima Estacion – El Underground).

Overall, a fantastic collection of post-punk influences blended into a sweeping, dark atmospheric sound.

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