Industrial shoegaze act IV Horsemen rides out towards new musical horizons with the ominous single “False Light”, a song fuelled by doom electronic vibes, and propelled forward with a techno beat urgency.

The sweeping soundscape “False Light”, off the upcoming album Parade Nocturne, is a passionate wail in the cosmos. The album is due out in October via aufnahme + wiedergabe.

Tim Gainet’s epic music video for the song delves into a mysterious dreamscape, following strange veiled figures wandering around the ruins of an ancient building by the seaside. It is emotionally charged, gorgeously filmed, and an unsettling illustration of sonic intensity. The desolate location and intriguing figures bring us to the liminal space of the subconscious.
Watch the clip for “False Light” below:

Tim Gainet also helms the Parisian synth project Poison Point.

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