Chilean Coldwave duo Ángel De La Guarda makes a strong debut with their first single/video titled “Crimen”, an icy track off their upcoming album Sentencia. With a sound akin to BOAN, Years of Denial, and Forever Grey, the melancholy track gets in your mind and seeps into your emotional wellspring.

“The overtones and visual aesthetics of the album range from nostalgia to losing oneself in order to find yourself again,” says the band. 

The monochromatic video, filmed for the most part in negative, is a perfect visual metaphor for the despondent song.

Watch the video below:

Multidisciplinary artists Santiago González and Pedro Roca generate emotionality and intensity from an honest space. In 2017,  the duo have been revealing passages in moments where the arts are deteriorated by instantaneity and consumption, to the point of making their socialization necessary.

Sentencia, the duo’s EP, was published by Jungla Music. The raw work reveals a dark process, shared and contained. Rhythm machines, synthesizers, and guitars determine a collapse of intimacy and sentence them to be part of something out of their control. They consider Suicide, The Velvet  Underground, Joy Division, and The Jesus & Mary Chain their key influences.

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