Alizeh Winter and Jonah Philips – known respectively as Vore Aurora and Jason Alacrity, combine their formidable talents in their darkwave project- culminating in the new single and mysterious video for the track “Null & Void”.

Jason Alacrity and his band’s performance is an intense audio/visual experience, complete with live drums and video projection.  Alacrity is a musician with an industrial and electro background, and an LA-based music video director. He has created videos for Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, and Frontline Assembly. Alizeh Winter has recently embarked on a solo career, issuing her first single “Sister Cities”, released in late 2021, with remixes by Rotersand and Man Without Country (Röyksopp).

He contacted Alizeh with an idea for a new version of the track, complete with a music video to compliment it.  “With her blessing, I began reworking the track again and placing visuals to it,” he says.

The song is based on Vore Aurora’s track “Null Plus Void”. Winter’s ethereal vocals anchor the atmospheric dreamscapes of both the sound of the track and the accompanying visuals, creating a hypnotic effect as we travel through a liminal space in the human subconscious. 

Most of the basic scenes were established during the height of lockdown in 2020 and the visuals were created over the following years in Cinema 4D, Octane Render and After Effects.

That’s why all of the settings are so large and empty as Alizeh explores these strange worlds all alone,” he says. “Littered with artifacts of forgotten societies and gods. I was fascinated with how devastating of a force both isolation and nature can be, and tried to reflect that in all of the worlds. That outlined the bones of the piece, then the real work began. Over the next few years, I refined the visuals over and over until they had the level of detail that I feel they deserved.”

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